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It is with pleasure that I introduce myself to those of you who are unfamiliar with my work and welcome those of you back who are aware of it.

What you will find on this site are my expressions of the world around me... my explorations of what inspires, intrigues, fascinates and moves me. It is my attempt to adventure into or empathise with that of which I have not experienced or don't understand. I see myself as a communicator and storyteller...

To learn more about me follow the link to my biography.

Mary Zoumpoulis - Biography

Mary Zoumpoulis

Indelible was the 2nd solo show for Sydney artist Mary Zoumpoulis, and the 4th exhibition in which she has taken part.

Having studied Fine Arts at East Sydney Technical College, Mary has also attended the famous Accademia in Florence.

In 1990 she exhibited at Arthaus, in a group show simply called Icons. Drawing upon her Greek heritage Mary referred heavily to the aesthetic and subject matter of Eastern Orthodox art, while applying her own signature to create a unique series.

In 1998, she participated in a Biennale event titled Proteus, an exhibition by Greek Australian artists working around the theme of change and transformation.

Mary's first solo show was held earlier in 2004. Titled Curves, it was the first collective showing of her fabulous nudes, which until then had only been painted as private commissions.

Mary has also created a boutique range of designer greeting cards, Martemis™, each bearing an image of one of her original paintings. Martemis™ was distributed through specialist stores throughout Australia and the U.S.A.

This led to Mary being commissioned to create illustrations for an anthology of American poetry, Artemis Bound, published and sold extensively in the U.S.A.

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The Zoumpoulis galleries have now been moved to deviantART.

deviantART is the largest online community for artists worldwide. Click the image below to visit my galleries on deviantART (opens in a new window).

Please note that many of my works are nudes and these individual images will require you to be logged in to deviantART, most of my work will not require this and can be viewed straight away. If you are an art lover it is well worth the effort to sign up (free) as the site contains many beautiful works of art in many genres & mediums.


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